In just 30 minutes you could be on the way to a new smile with traditional braces, clear braces or other orthodontic appliances!

Your First Visit

During your first visit, we will examine your facial profile, your teeth, and your type of bite. We’ll discuss your orthodontic problem, recommend treatment options, and suggest appropriate timing of your treatment. The examination appointment usually lasts 15 minutes and there is no charge for this appointment.

Getting Started

Orthodontic records including x-rays, models, and photos of your teeth are the next steps in completing the diagnosis of your orthodontic problem. These records are usually taken at your next appointment which will last approximately 15 minutes.

Traditional Braces

Regular Braces in a Rainbow of Colors provide the fastest, most reliable treatment for children and adolescents. Available in any color combination at the start of treament and completely changeable at each monthly visit.


Retainers also come in a variety of colors and patterns with options of glow-in-the-dark, glitter or can even include your own design! Then for our adult patients, crystal-clear retainers are available.

Clear Braces

Clear Braces are the preferred treatment option for most of our adult patients. Their single-crystal sapphire composition provides great aesthetics while maintaining necessary strength required for treatment.

Expanders & Habit Appliances

Expanders and Habit Appliances are the treatments of choice for younger patients with dental crowding due to smaller arch forms or finger and thumb habits that create bite and speech problems.



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